TC 23 – November 2000

Welcome to the Videodrome4Reasons to be Fearful: Part Three52
Against Subtlety6David Icke, Duran Duran and the Reptoids54
The Beeb Watch Project7Tom, Jerry and the Nazi Connection56
The Bare Wench Project8The Art of the Sickie58
Film Blitz10Long live the Queen61
Garden Party14The Incredibly Bad Film Show: Tammy and the T.Rex66
The Tale of the Raven: Part 217Killing for Cult-ure69
High Weirdness By Mail21Of Tomatoes and Home Shopping74
Night of the Lovelies24Bug Wars77
On Her Majesty’s Schilthorn Sojourn26The Top 10 Real Warrior Princesses78
Kaiju Big Battel28Daughter of The Last Action Heroine80
American Psychos32Non-Stop Violence89
“Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt…”36Postcards from California90
Hungary Like the Wolf41Twinkie ®, Twinkie ® Little Star…92
Lino’s ‘Zine Reviews44

This is TC 23, a pop culture time-capsule whose future is cloudy – see the editorial for details – and so, subscriptions to future issues are not currently being accepted. Feel free to keep sending me money though. Some old TCs (16/17, 20/21, 22) are available; buying now is wise, in case I can’t be arsed to ship them to America with me. For British readers, they’re £2.50 each including p&p; everyone else should get in touch for the correct rate, which depends as much on where I am, as where you are…

For similar reasons, getting in touch with me might be tricky, but email to should work, regardless of my location. For old-fashioned post, Trash City, PO Box 8353, Scottsdale, AZ 85252, USA becomes effective at the end of November. Updates will be posted on the web site,, as and when appropriate. The site is also a haven for more of this kind of thing: reviews, articles, rants, strip-club info and more. With colour pictures…


  • Editor: Jim McLennan – and all texts not otherwise labelled.
  • Queen of Trash: Chris Fata.
  • High-Priestess of Layout: Vanessa Wells.
  • Pope of Covers: Rik Rawling.
  • Consumer of Twinkies (and additional layout): John Spencer.
  • Toreadors of Text: Andy Collins, Chris Fata (+ Leo & Amy), Marc Lewes, DF Lewis, Lino Raffa
  • Printers: Juma, 44 Wellington Street, Sheffield, S1 4HD.