Trash City magazine was run out of London from 1989 through 2000.


There are a lot of things here that make me cringe now. I mean, I formatted articles with spaces before and after a “(“? Was I insane? But bear in mind: what was written was done so in the nineties, by a twenty-something single male. There will therefore be bad language, sexual content and other things which reflect badly on me. Just ask my wife, who will never, ever let me forget the off-hand reference to the leisure possibilities inherent in Denise Richards and a vat of chocolate.

But when browsing this time-capsule, please remember, the very first issue had the following at the bottom of the contents page: “The views expressed in this ‘zine, are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher, and may well be an attempt to wind you up.” If you take anything here seriously, you’re doing it wrong. And if you’re offended, my twenty-something self would likely rejoice. Now? I can only apologize.