Ten Comics Worthy of Your Attention

[This is purely a personal choice by Jim McLennan – I suspect Steve and Per will wish to deny all connection with this list!]

  1. Laser Eraser & Axel Pressbutton — A pair of assassins in a VERY odd future. Laden with lots of very black, i.e. sick, humour.
  2. California Girls — Sorry about this one. Sickly sweet, aimed at people a lot younger than me, but it’s just so nice! Complete with paper dolls.
  3. Mai the Psychic Girl – Japanese ‘manga’ comic. Gorgeous artwork, a lot less ‘wordy’ than American comics. Speciality: four-page plane crashes.
  4. Hellblazer – Occult comic with religious overtones. Powerful stuff, well drawn and leaving a nasty taste in the mouth.
  5. Evangeline – Unusual comic in that religious people are the ‘goodies’. It’s about a nun – a very dangerous nun…
  6. Angel Love – Another sweet one, but this one tackles abortion, drug abuse, politics, etc. Didn’t last very long, more’s the pity.
  7. Slash Maraud – One man fighting an alien invasion of earth. So many great, novel ideas in it; would love to see this one made into a film
  8. Judge Anderson – Spin-off from the ‘Judge Dredd’ series, gratuitous violence, but a more sympathetic and human hero(ine) than the big D.
  9. Natacha l’Hotesse de l’Air – French comic strip about an air-hostess. No, it’s not at all naughty, though there was this parody of it that was well O.T.T. How to learn French with no tears.
  10. Normalman – A parody of/homage to a different comic style in every issue, ranging from Disney to EC’s horror comics, but you don’t need much knowledge of comics to appreciate the delightful humour.

And a few I think are only worthy as fire-lighters: Elfquest, ALL the Marvel comics I’ve seen, ‘funny animal’ books and all benefit comics!