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There you have it – issue 0 hasn’t QUITE turned out the way I planned, but since I didn’t have any idea what it would be like to start with, I can’t really complain! There’s been more about films in here than anticipated, though given I saw no less than SIXTEEN films at the cinema in the first week of December alone, it’s not surprising.

Hope you had a good Xmas. I had two weeks or so of sleeping, eating and watching TV but wasn’t too impressed with the festive T.V. – they claimed to be catering to ‘a family audience’, but seemed to me to be aiming more at the lowest common denominator; Russ Abbott, omnibus East Enders, etc. Mind you, it was always going to be a pretty tame Christmas after the BBC used up their entire gratuitous sex quota for the month in ‘The Rainbow’!

Anyway, here’s a memento of the nearest thing to trash sport I’ve seen…