Future Schlock

Assuming we do eventually get round to producing another issue, what will be in it? Depends on the sort of feed-back we get, what sort of articles are sent in, etc, etc. However, some of the things that are planned to go in at some point in the future (which may or may not be in Issue 1):

Classic Splatter – The World Heavyweight Psychopathic Championship of the World: Jason ‘Hockey Mask’ Vorhees versus Freddy ‘Floppy Hat’ Krueger, as we take a look at ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm St’ [sidelight : did you know that Elm Street was where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from?]

More Nastassja – Yes, we rambled on for far too long in this issue about her, so it’s had to be split in two and the rest of it will appear in the next issue.

Sleaze – A cinema up in London is showing La Ciccolina [apologies to any Italian readers for the spelling – French I can cope with, but not Italian!] in ‘Clockwork Banana’. There may be a review of this, but it depends on whether we can pluck up the courage to go, and also if we can find my dirty mac.

Letters – There will be some letters. If you don’t write them, then we will just have to print letters from the council, final demands from BT, internal memos from the company we work for and so on and so forth ad nauseaum. You have been warned.

The Incredibly Bad Film Show – Quite possible THE most awful film of all time, “Return of the Barbarian Women”.

Well, there doesn’t seem to have been a lot about Inter-rail holidays in this issue, so we suppose we’d better try and put something in the next one. How about ‘Great Railway Stations of Europe’? Or perhaps you would prefer ‘Why every train leaving Barcelona is packed’. Maybe we’ll wimp out and give you a lightning run-down on red-light districts, but there are a few gaps in my knowledge. Germany, for example. Has the Reeperbahn really been taken over by transvestites, as we have heard? Let us know. Anonymity will be preservedā€¦

The Great Title Competition

“Trash City” as a name for this ‘zine has provoked much discussion, with about a 50/50 split between those who like it and those who can’t stand it! So we’re throwing the debate open to all – comments & alternative names would be much appreciated, now you’ve read it and know what it’s all about. Here’s a selection of ones we came up with :

Passion Flower HotelThe Perfect KissEscapist Quarterly
Blitzed By Beauty, Dead By DawnCenobite SandwichPhobophilia
The Lolita GazetteThe Ultimate ForceSlice Me Slowly
City of Dreams

Any of the above appeal? Sure you can come up with a few moreā€¦

Ok. That’ll do for now. I’ve got a train to catch [though given that I nearly came in on the one involved in today’s disaster, I don’t think I should be pushing my luck]. See you in three months.