Trash City religious icon pin-up, #1

RELIGIOUS MYSTIC PRAYS TO STOP COSMIC COLLISION BETWEEN COMET AND JUPITER 16-23rd JULY 1994 SOFIA Richmond ;whose religious name is SISTER Marie Gabriel says she is praying to God to stop the cosmic collision because it could be dangerous for mankind. MEDIA PHONE LINE 081-450 2748 FAX 081-208 2774. She HOPES THE COMET MAY APPEAR VISIBLE BY 21st JULY. IF her forecasts do NOT come true she will admit her mistake. The cosmic collision will NOT BE THE END of the world. Rather the opposite. It could be the beginning of a new era in human history. There could be some cosmic surprises es well. Mankind could be standing on the threshold of a most dramatic change In human history awaiting Divine Intervention. Whet will happen when the IF the comet hits Jupiter next week 7 There are 2 possibilities facing mankind. Firstly there is the one advocated by scientists who say that it could be a non event as far as the public are concerned. because people will not see anything. Then there is the other scenario predicted by a Religious Mystic; Sofia Richmond known also as Sister Marie, claims she received prophetic messages saying the collision will be a COSMIC DAY OF JUDGEMENT ordained by GOD to were all nations that they must reduce the crime epidemic; return to the 10 commandments or face cosmic global penalties. The frightening collision between comet and Jupiter is a warning from God showing nations what could happen to them; unless they quickly reduce the crime rate; destroy all pornography; bann all Indecency; crime & violence from Television; Films; Videos etc; destroy all video nestles; bann all indecent shows: songs dances fashiuons to reduce offences against women & children. :keep the Sabbath day holy & sacred. Stop all wars. Stop all fighting; Ban cruel blood sports; Stop hulnting whaling traffic In live animals etc. atop bull fighting; Close down cruel zoos;circuses animal laboratories etc. Share food mountains with hungry nations. Teach moral ethical religious education daily in all schools. People must give up crime dishonesty drugs. Become pure honest angelic SAINTS. THE GREAT COSMIC FLASH from the Comet & Jupiter explosion may be visible on earth. It may cause panic. Shock waves could stop all traffic; motors; engines; planes. etc It would be better NOT to book flights from 16 to 23 July 1994. better not to travel. Stay at home. PRAY. Beg GOD FOR MERCY to stop the collision. SUPERNATURAL EVENTS could occur during or after the Cosmic Day of Judgement when all people will see their consciences Judged by God.

Sofia (Polish Surname Paprocki) appeals today to the GERMAN GOVERNMENT to quickly pay the Compensation money It owes her for NAZI WAR CRIME DAMAGES 1944 so that she can immediately use the money tomorrow morning to print an urgent list of PUBLIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN NEWSPAPERS ALL OVER BRITAIN EUROPE USA AMERICA & WORLDWIDE AT TOP SPEED. So that people cn be prepared for any severe effects from the cosmic explosion next week. IF GERMANY fails to pay the Millions it owes for destroying the family estates in Poland 1944 it will be impossible to print the urgent messages & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WORLDWIDE IN THE NEXT 3 DAYS. IF lives are endangered as a result, then the German Government could be responsible because it refused to pay the compensation money to Sofia. That money could now enable her to print the urgent warnings which COULD HELP TO SAVE MANY PEOPLE. Sr Marie wrote a prophetic book In August 92 about the comet & Jupiter explosion, She asked WH SMITHS to pay her copyright royalties due to her from the nationwide sales of her own book. But WHSMITHS Wateretones branch as refuse to pay her any copyright royalties from the sale of her work. The money could have helped to pay for printing the Public Safety precaution all over EUROPE USA ETC. to SAVE MANY PEOPLE. Obviously If her forecasts are NOT accurste she will admit her mistake. she has sent Registered Letters about her Predictions to the Queen. TO King Fahd of Saud: Arabia; to Cardinal Hume: to Archbishop George Carey; To David Alton MP To the Pope who MUST come to London soon for an Emergency Council of the Church at Westminster, regarding God’s Ultimatum to Britain Europe USA & all Nations. She appealed to Duke of Westminster & Paul Getty Junior to help pay for pringing the safety warnings worldwide. A Generous Benefactor is needed today at top speed. Sister Marie begged the SISTERS OF MERCY in BRIDGE GATE DERBY to share their huge fortune of 9 million pounds obtained from sales of their lands to help pay for the cost of printing God’s FINAL WARNING to mankind in newspapers wortdende but the SISTERS OF MERCY refused to help. Publicizing the Safety Precautions could have saved many people.