Legal News

Plastic surgeon shot by defender of “aryan beauty”

Chicago – A white supremacist motivated by his hatred for anyone “feeding off aryan beauty” has confessed to the execution-style killings of a Chicago-area plastic surgeon and a San Francisco hairdresser, officials said on Tuesday. Jonathan Haynes, 34, will undergo psychological testing to determine his fitness for trial in the killing of Dr Martin Sullivan, whom witnesses say he gunned down on Friday. In a suburban chicago court on monday, the dark-haired Haynes, who refused a lawyer’s services, said: “I condemn fake aryan cosmetics. I condemn bleached blond hair, tinted blue eyes and fake facial features brought by plastic surgery.”

Snap decision clears Aussie who shot crocodile

Darwin, Australia – An australian who shot a crocodile and cut it up for meat will not be punished for killing a protected species, a court decided on Thursday. Fishing guide Brett Smith, 27, normally uses a plastic baseball bat to fend off man-eating saltwater crocodiles. He told a magistrate’s court the beast that made for him last June would not give up and he shot it in self-defence. He later cut up the crocodile so as not to waste the meat. “Crocs come up to your boat trying to take your fish, so you just go (whack) on the head with the baseball bat and they’ll, um, well it usually gets rid of them,” he said.

Copyright copycats cop it

Beijing – A Chinese state-run publishing house has been found guilty of pirating studies on copyright piracy, the Guangming Daily said on Monday. The Beijing People’s Court fined two editors and the China Procuratorial Publishing Company for plagiarising reports by government researcher Zheng Chengsi, it said. They stole whole sections of the studies Zheng wrote for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on computer software protection, intellectual property rights and publishing law. “They took his ideas as their own and represented them as new ideas,” the newspaper said.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. without looking too hard, I found:

  • Swedish anti-crime film star jailed
  • Anti-graft candidate arrested for bribery
  • Japan drug-squad policeman fired for drug use

which makes you wonder what Mary Whitehouse gets up to in her spare time…