Trash City 14/15

Winter 1993


This issue of TC contains:%
Gutter journalism0.96
Cute (Miyazaki flavoured)8.65
Japanese non-animation4.81
Cute (Japanese-girls-without-horns flavoured)6.73
Live action anime3.85
An obituary1.92
Japanese animation7.69
Not-so-fast cars2.88
An interview4.81
Cute (Japanese-girls-with-horns flavoured)2.88
Weirdness (fictional)1.92
Exploitative surgical movies1.92
Traci Lords1.92
Edward, er, the manually challenged3.85
Philosophy of sleaze3.85
Anne Parillaud4.81
Weirdness (Tokyo-based)2.88


May contain editorial, letters, covers, an ingredients list, subliminal messages and miscellaneous slices of weirdness. Sold by weight not volume; contents may settle during transport. Editor under pressure: do not puncture, incinerate or expose to naked flame. Registered at the newspaper as a Post Office. Keep children out of reach. Product of more than one country. Outlook: cloudy with scattered showers. Contains assemblies and components sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

This issue of TC contains 50% extra free! [Mind you, you’re paying double for the other extra 50%] Texts, except where otherwise labelled, are a Jim McLennan joint – probably an elbow. Layout by an unholy alliance of Jim McL. & Kanji Bates. Covers by Per ‘Nomad’ Porter. Printed, for a change, by Juma Press, Sheffield. Subscriptions: four gets you four (in Britain: Europe, $8 gets you four, elsewhere, $12 gets you four). This is a price increase. All copyrights respected. Communication to: Jim McLennan, 34 Perran Road, Tulse Hill, London, SW2 3DL. Next issue: yes, Virginia, there WILL be one…