Trash City – Issue 9

Spring 1991.


After consultation and market research, the final design is front: Kinski pic + “Trash City – the T-shirt they tried to ban!”. back: most will have the text, “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw…” (a ‘Heathers’ quote, so it’s not totally gratuitous) but some won’t, and may be worn in polite company. A printer has now been found with sufficiently few scruples to do them (though he doesn’t know about the quote yet!) – the bad news is that the back-printed ones will cost more – not sure of exact cost at the moment, but you will be told in due course. New readers wondering what we’re discussing are invited to send for further details, if they are interested in clothing with a full-colour picture of a blood-spattered German actress…

Congrats to my two favoured ice-hockey teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Minnesota North Stars, for both getting to the Stanley Cup final when neither has ever won it before. You are urged to watch Liquid TV (BBC2: Monday 1915), the most innovative and interesting program on TV at the moment. This issue was brought to you by the letter Ö, the number e3, 2 quarter tabs of beta-blockers, more Winona Ryder pics than the human mind can comprehend and a driving licence. Yep, passed this time!

  • Produced by: Jim McLennan.
  • Directed by: Per Porter.
  • From an original script by: Anthony Cawood, Des Lewis, Jim McLennan, Paul Mallinson, Martin Murray, Per Porter, Dan Pydynkowski and Steve Welburn.
  • Key grip: Copyprint, London

Sub. rates (min. 2 issues) are 75p/issue UK, $1.50 Europe, $3 elsewhere. A label on the envelope tells you the last one you’ll get + how much is left over after it. Note the price increase for UK issues – this is still brilliant value (I reckon), you pay for the ‘zine, I pay for the postage. Single issues are œ1 ($2,$4), including postage – this just about breaks even. I sell copies to shops for 75p, so a œ1.25 shop price seems fair. Cheques/PO’s to Jim McLennan. Contributions are welcome, and I reserve the right to publish correspondence unless specifically asked not to. Send everything to :
Jim McLennan, 7 Tummons Gardens, S.Norwood Hill, LONDON, SE25 6BD
which has changed as well. Eagle-eyed readers may notice the post-code is not the same as on the change of address slips I sent out – that was wrong, the one above is official and Post Office approved. And since we’d no room on the cover, this is a more sensible than usual list of:

1-3The Usual stuff27Song lyrics from Hell!
4-7Clint Eastwood: the Magnum man28-29The Chicago Bares…
8-9They came from inside the envelope…30-35Film Blitz
10-13The search for intelligent life in Streatham36-38Read by Dawn: ‘zines ‘n’ stuff
14-17Incredibly Bad Film Show: Iron Angels39-41Music for Eurocrats
18-21Conspiracy Corner: War, huh!42-43Martin & Me
22How to make a martial arts movie44-47Recommended For Mature Readers
23-26Golden Showers48…and you thought we’d forgotten her!