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TRASH CITY – Issue 4

Winter 1989

Being the story of a young man whose interests include ultra-violence, Nastassja Kinski, exploitation in entertainment, beauty, death, computer games, travel, UFO’s, general weirdness and anything else he gets talked into printing. The style is best described as ‘conversational’ and ‘informal’ – the emphasis is very much on the words though the picture quality shouldn’t be too bad for once since it’s been professionally printed : it’s number ____ of the 100 done.

TC is currently only available by subscription; send 40p/issue in cheques/p.o./cash (made payable to Jim McLennan where appropriate, 60p/$1 EEC, $2.50 elsewhere) to the address below; your name and address might be a good idea too. Get in now while this lasts – see the editorial for the reason why. If you’re already a subscriber, the number next to your name on the envelope tells you how much of your sub is left – if it’s less than one issue’s worth, time to renew it; if it’s negative, we’ll be round for your intestines shortly. Contributions are extremely welcome – get in touch for details.

  • Issue 0 is back in print! 50p gets you a photoreduced copy of my first attempts, complete with illegible artwork & incoherent text. Kinski, the Human League, Hellbound & H.G.Lewis. 2nd generation copy, so not up to our normal standard!
  • Issue 1 (Black Sunday, Kinski, Half Way to Heaven, Salo & DIY flame-throwers)
  • Issue 2 (Shock, Kinski, Reform School Girls, Sherlock Holmes & A Road Accident) &
  • Issue 3 (lots of lists, Cicciolina, comics, Linnea Quigley & the New Avengers) are still available – 50p including p&p.
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Editor: Jim McLennan
Artwork: The Plagiarist’s Republic
Publishers : Copyprint, London (cheers, guys!)
Jim McLennan
247 Underhill Road
SE22 0PB.

Texts: in alphabetical order; Alun Fairburn, Mike Kosminski, Des Lewis, Jim McLennan, Steve Moss, Martin Murray, Per Porter, Richard Owen, Steve Welburn and Glyn Williams.

Back Cover: The Victorian equivalent of “Trash City”? Anyone fancy a serialisation of this 1886 story, found in a junk shop?

The views expressed in this ‘zine are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher, and may well simply be an excuse to insult Dustin Hoffman, Linnea Quigley or anyone else the editor feels miffed at.