Ho, ho, ho! The Trash City Christmas Competition

Those of you with us back in the prehistoric days of TC0 may remember me giving away some videos that I didn’t want, to encourage people to subscribe. Since then, I’ve acquired more of these, and our anniversary seems a good time to offload these on you, sorry, offer these up as superb prizes. Hence this contest, not to be taken TOO seriously…


  1. All entrants must be subscribers to Trash City, with enough money left in their sub to cover the cost of p&p – say one pound. If I’m giving these films away, I’m not paying the damn postage too!
  2. Prizes can only be sent to UK subscribers, since it’d cost too much to send tapes to America. ‘Foreigners’ get a pat on the back instead, especially if they can understand all the obscure British cultural references.
  3. 10 points for a correct answer, 1 – 10 for an interesting, apt or funny answer, regardless of truth, at the editor’s discretion.
  4. Top score gets first choice, next gets second, etc. Contestants must supply an order of preference for the prizes, otherwise I choose which one you get…
  5. The editor’s decision is final. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Fun, eh?


Original tapes of the following films. No guarantee is made as to their quality, but most have been watched once. They are thus likely to be good tapes, if not good films. Naturally, all have BBFC certificates…

Demons * Demons 2 * Friday the 13th * Surf Nazis * Creepozoids * The Hunger * Satan’s Dog * Avenging Angel * Pray T.V. * The Marriage of Maria Braun


Two sections, one factual, one to ‘use your imagination’ on.

Section 1) – Scattered throughout TC4 (look out for the “****”) you’ll find quotes taken from movies. All you have to do is identify the movies – none are especially, or even mildly, obscure.

Section 2) – The tiebreaker. Suggest appropriate film roles for the following non-actors:

  • a) Wendy James
  • b) Jim Bakker
  • c) Mikhail Gorbachev
  • d) Gabriella Sabatini
  • e) David Gower
  • f) Salman Rushdie
  • g) Edwina Currie
  • h) Kate Adie
  • i) Bob Monkhouse
  • j) Pamella Bordes