Late News

Some things I hadn’t room to mention elsewhere. ‘Zines seen.

  • Creeping Unknown 11 ( 32 A5 pages, 50p + SAE from Nick & Cath, 29 Westland Ave, Hucknall, Notts NG15 6PW) is more legible than last time, and as literate as ever.
  • Imaginator 5 (36 A4, 1.25, Unit 1, Hawk House, Peregrine Park, Gomm Road, High Wycombe, Bucks) is getting better with each issue, tho’ Ken Miller’s fascination with castration is slightly worrying!
  • Dagon 26 (60 A5, 1.40, Dagon Press, 11 Warwick Rd, Twickenham Middx, TW2 6SW) is a D.F.Lewis special – he’s responsible for ‘Dreamaholic’ elsewhere in TC4, so if you liked that, you know what to do.
  • Green Goblin 12 (32 pages A5, 50p + SAE, John Breakwell, 170 Caversham Rd, Reading, RG1 8AZ) is a computer/fantasy/chat ‘zine, that’s pretty AND interesting at the same time.
  • And an error in the address for Prisoners of War in TC2. Wallace Nicoll, 48 Broughton ROAD, Edinburgh EH7 4EE.

On the book front, “Born to be Bad”, the follow up to “Lost, Lonely & Vicious” is out, containing 40 more postcards of posters from B-movies. 5.95, and I can see me having to buy TWO copies, one to use and one to keep. Cunning swines, these authors.

A well-informed source (James Furman, chairman of the BBFC) says that “The Exorcist” will not be out on video in the foreseeable future, contrary to popular rumour: “We don’t think the time is really right yet”. However, according to “Time Out”, “The Evil Dead” will shortly be available again, “albeit in a significantly cut form”. Meanwhile, for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, Furman said “several companies have asked us if there’s any point in submitting it on video and we’ve said no”.

TC5 should be out in April (I need the rest!). Contents: Sybil Danning, film reviews, Dangermouse, more European stuff, bits on Black Sunday & Splatterfest ’90 (if I’ve enough stamina for both of them) + how NOT to synthesize psilocybin.

Alun Fairburn’s Film Hit & Sh*t Lists

Alien EncounterFlesh For Frankenstein
Blood TracksThe Thing (Carpenter’s)
Body CountThe Terminator
BarflyStreet Trash
CujoBlood Feast
ConquestBlade Runner
Demons 2Dawn of the Dead
FrogsDay of the Dead
Haunted HoneymoonThe Stepfather
Mutant HuntHouse by the Cemetery

**** 9. “Although we may run out of Pan-Am coffee, we’ll never run out of T.W.A tea”