Here’s all the bits that I didn’t want the printer to see, mind you if he can cope with dead pictures of Marilyn Monroe, I can’t see why he would balk at drawings of naked chainsaw-wielding blood-spattered sexpots. Nah, it’s here more because I didn’t have room for it in the ‘zine proper. Overleaf, if you hadn’t already guessed, is The Picture. This is the one that Clearaprint refused to put on a T•shirt – the original is in colour and looks a HELL of a tot better, but it’ll give you an idea of the content of the picture if nothing else (should you want to indulge in a little spot of colouring-by-numbers, the bedsheet at the bottom is blue, the chainsaw is grey (with red splatters and Nastassja is a sort of pinky-brown). I’d like to gauge the interest in T-shirts with this picture on (not forgetting the words ‘TRASH CITY – the T-shirt they tried to ban!’) so I can get the numbers right, not wanting to be left with 300 sleazy shirts on my hands! Cost is now uncertain, but should be round about seven or eight pounds.

This issue is late again; I came back off holiday to find that a rogue program had chewed it’s way through places no self-respecting program would go, and it took me a fair while to restore everything back to where it was before I went on holiday, never mind getting on with anything else! Then we ran out of paper and Per, the layout man, had his Honda VFR 750 bike nicked which didn’t help.

Just room for a swift plug for Andy Allard, who’s trying to organise a series of thematic retro presentations in (of all places) Scunthorpe. The first one was on Saturday October 27th, with Evil Dead 1 & 2, Videodrome, A Nightmare on Elm Street and C*rn*v*l *f S**ls (hell, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad!), all for four quid. For information on future events write to : A.Allard, Flat 6, 17 Westbourne Avenue, Hull, HU5 3HN.

Next issue might come out before Xmas, but will probably be just after it instead. Oh, and there’s currently a possibility of getting an interview with Sybil D. so if there are any questions you think ought to be put to the woman, please let me know.

“I think Winona Ryder’s very sexy”
— Wendy James.

Finally, as an alternative T-shirt design, how about the picture at the top (again, looking a lot better and in colour), which given the name of the ‘zine, might fittingly commemorate the singer who was responsible for it… [2020 update: it was actually a Wendy James lookalike, featured in Penthouse Vol 25, #12, below]

Although agreeing with Bendy Wendy for one, I have to admit to several minutes of wild fantasizing on reading the above quote – my imaginary film script has undergone some subtle revision to make the most of this sexual quirk…

See you in three, Jim.