Trash City – Issue 7

Autumn 1990

TC-shirts! The picture on the TC-shirt has now been selected and produced. and I think it sums up the emos of TC fairly well: Nastassja Kinski and a blood-spattered chainsaw. Oh. and NK isn’t wearing anything. did I mention this? It’s tasteful. however. since it’s a back view with her looking over her shoulder. All in all, very nice and not something you could find offensive unless your sense of reality had been short-circuited. Unfortunately, the man in the T-shirt printers could have been who P.J.O’Rourke • was writing about when he said “People who worry themselves sick over sexism…can not he expected to have a sense of humour”. “That’s sexist. We’ve got a policy against that”. said the printer, and refused to print it. So much for civil liberties. I am now determined to make sure they got done, and now I know the text on it: “TRASH CITY – the shirt they tried to ban…”

This is TC7, an organ. probably a gall bladder. for the free expression of views, especially when the views are about Nastassja Kinski, films. books. comics, music. death, travel. TV or the problems caused by small-minded people who refuse to accept the validity of views other than their own. I still have a handful of TC6. our Japanese special. but hurry: the rest are gone, but ask as I occasionally run some off.


Chief Civil Liberties Slugger: Jim McLennan. Artistic freedom: Per Porter. Freedom for Fonts: Steve Welburn. People being allowed to express their opinions: Alun Fairbum, Roman Giittinger. Tony, Des Lewis. Andrew McGavin, Jim McLennan, Per Porter, David Thompson & Andy Waller. Printers. who have never tried to interfere with us: Copyprint, London.

A strong pound means a hike in $-rates. £-rates will reflect new postage soon but for the moment, the sub. rates (min. 2 issues) are 60p/issue UK, $1.50 Europe, $3 elsewhere. A label on the envelope tells you the last one you’ll get + how much is left over after it. This is slitting my own throat and doesn’t even cover production costs let alone postage. but goes back to when I produced TC on the computer at work. Single issues are £1 ($2 $4) including postage – this just about breaks even. I sell copies to shops for 75p, so a £1.25 shop price seems fair. Cheques/PO’s to Jim McLennan. Contributions are welcome. and I reserve the right to publish correspondence unless specifically asked not to. Send everything to:
Jim McLennan. 247 Underhill Road. E.Dulwich. LONDON. SE22 OPB


1-3The Usual Stuff30-31Italia Nightly?
4-6Fuck the bonus!32-33Nothing to do with parks…
7The Things on the Mat34-35Hiroshima strikes back
8-9The Other Things on the Mat36-37Real to reel
10-13Zombie Car Park Massacre38-39Let’s get outta here!
14-15The New York Tripper40-41!Natas evol uoy yas
16-19It Came From Toronto42-43Something to do with parks
20-22Rule Britannia44For better, for hearse
23-26Phoebe Cates (+some other stuff)45-47“I’ll have my revenge. and…”
27-29Oh, God, not another festival!!48Almost a Kinski-free issue!