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TRASH CITY – Issue 3

October 1989

‘Trash City’ is an irregular publication (which attempts to be quarterly) produced as a form of therapy for it’s editor, whose obsessions include Nastassja Kinski, exploitation in entertainment, beauty, death, splatter movies, computer games, travel, UFO’s, general weirdness and anything else he gets talked into printing. The style is best described as ‘conversational’ and ‘informal’ – the emphasis is very much on the words – whether or not we can produce semi-decent pictures depends a lot on whether or not we can find another nice copier to play with, sob!

It is currently only available by subscription; I made a vague attempt to get it into Psychotronic Videos, but Bal never got back to me after I left him a copy for perusal – no matter! Send 40p/issue in cheques/p.o./cash (made payable to Jim McLennan where appropriate, 60p/$1 EEC, $2.50 elsewhere) to the address below; your name and address might be a good idea too. This offer expires and goes to heaven whenever the Post Office put their prices up. If you’re already a subscriber, the number next to your name on the envelope tells you how much of your sub is left – if it’s less than one issue’s worth, time to renew it; if it’s negative, we’ll be round for your intestines shortly. Articles, artwork, etc are also extremely welcome so get in touch for more details.

Issue 0 is out of print, but will be redone in the same format as last/this issue if enough people are interested. 50p, though don’t hold your breath! Issue 1 (Black Sunday, Kinski, Half Way to Heaven, Salo & DIY flame-throwers) and Issue 2 (Shock, Kinski, Reform School Girls, Sherlock Holmes & A Road Accident) still available – 50p including p&p.

Thought, comments, insults, ideas and suggestions to:

Editor: Jim McLennan
Artwork: The Plagiarist’s Republic + Phil Mielewczyk
Jim McLennan
247 Underhill Road
East Dulwich,
SE22 0PB.

Texts: in alphabetical order; David Beynon, Just, Jim McLennan, Martin Murray, our correspondent of the fairer sex, Richard Owen, Per Porter, Mark Stevens, Phil Taylor, Steve Welburn and Simon Wood.

Back Cover: The sleeve for ‘Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space’, a classic of minimalist cinema; minimal acting, minimal special effects…

The views expressed in this ‘zine are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher, and may well merely be an excuse to publish an otherwise gratuitous picture of Nastassja Kinski, Patsy Kensit or Wendy James.