The Info

TRASH CITY – Issue 2
August 1989

‘Trash City’ is a ‘zine devoted to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, exploitation in entertainment, beauty, death, splatter movies, computer games, Inter-rail holidays, UFO’s, general weirdness and anything else the editors see fit to print. The style is best described as ‘conversational’ and ‘informal’ – the emphasis is very much on the words, our method of production makes art tricky and photos almost impossible.

It is most easily available from me, and it’s cheaper to subscribe, at least if things stay as they are at the moment ; you’ll only pay the postage, plus an almost nominal fee. If you bought this from a shop, you’ll have had to pay more for it – understandably, shop-keepers aren’t keen to stock things there’s no profit in!. If you want to be sent future issues, send us 40p per issue in cheques/p.o./cash ( made payable to Jim McLennan where appropriate ) along with your name and address – we’ll then send them to you until your money runs out. This offer expires and goes to heaven whenever we decide. If you’re already a subscriber, the number next to your name on the envelope ( the one you’ve just thrown in the bin ) tells you how much of your sub is left – if it’s less than 40p, think about renewing it.

Articles, artwork, etc are also extremely welcome – get in touch for more details.

  • Issue 0 is out of print, but is being redone in the same format as last/this issue. 50p, but don’t hold your breath!
  • Issue 1 (Black Sunday, Kinski, Half Way to Heaven, Salo & DIY flame-throwers) is still available – 50p including p&p.
          ** NEW ADDRESS **  247 Underhill Road  ** NEW ADDRESS **
          ** NEW ADDRESS **  East Dulwich,       ** NEW ADDRESS **
          ** NEW ADDRESS **  LONDON              ** NEW ADDRESS **
          ** NEW ADDRESS **  SE22 0PB.           ** NEW ADDRESS **
  • Editor, publisher, general chief of staff : Jim McLennan
  • Texts : in alphabetical order; Des Lewis, Andrew McGavin, Jim McLennan, our correspondent in Sheffield, Per Porter and Rob Williams.
  • Artwork : The Plagiarist’s Republic (from clip art by Jim, Per and Steve Welburn).
  • Back Pic : So exploitative, so trashy, so bad. The video cover for “Reform School Girls”, nicely done in soft focus with added Sybil Danning.

The views expressed in this ‘zine are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher, and may well be an attempt to fill a blank sheet of paper with the deadline approaching at a rate of knots. It’s no fun being an editor…