Future Schlock

No mess, no padding, no flimflam, no sell-out, no chance! TC3 will contain, if all goes more or less to plan, the following :

  • A bit on Linnea Quigley. We tried to get a bit OF her, but the chainsaw wouldn’t start, so you’ll have to make do with a filmography – we were pretty surprised at how many movies she’s been in, though not at their quality…
  • Bad films. “Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space”, a movie that adds an entirely new dimension to the word ‘juvenile’.
  • Steve’s comics piece, if he isn’t being tied to the bed post for the entire three month period.
  • Possibly something about ‘The New Avengers’. Joanna Lumley is soon to be seen in a film where she plays a high-class prostitute. Say no more.
  • A lot of lists, covering every subject from my ten favourite T-shirts to the most disgusting female nude scenes. We’re looking for plenty more, though – any and all subjects, film and non-film, welcome.

And lots of stuff as yet unwritten…