The Editorial

Mutter, mutter, fume, mutter. An entertaining three months, much of it spent either looking for accomodation or moving between accomodations. However, by the time you read this we will hopefully be firmly ensconced in our new address given opposite.

The house is big. Lots more room than 81 Cheyne Way, and a great deal closer to work too. We’re toying with the idea of using this space to organise, at some point, Trashcon 1, which will be an excuse for you lot to visit London, kip on our floor, watch a large number of films, drink a lot and ( hopefully ) have a good time. Not sure when it would take place, probably over a weekend in November. Anyone interested should get in touch NOW, since there’s a limited amount of floorspace – suggestions for viewing, offers of films, etc would also be appreciated. I imagine the films will be a mix of trash and ‘rarely seen classics’…

Another highlight of the past quarter was nearly getting arrested for criminal damage after venting my frustration on a non-working choccy machine on the Tube. These devices are designed purely as a means of gambling – after inserting 20p, you generally get nothing, occasionally a bar of chocolate, and VERY infrequently, more money than you put in (up to 1.20!). On the whole, you’re better off putting it on a horse. If you’re ever in London, avoid them. Giggle of the month was produced by a clip of ‘A Cry in the Dark’ – Meryl Streep’s “Australian” accent, closer to a South African with a speech impediment, fairly made my day!

At time of writing, Steve has failed to come up with the promised comics article for the second issue on the trot (too busy looking for someone/thing in black to chain him to the bed no doubt). This is probably a good job too, given the severe lack of room; at our current rate, by publication day we’ll have enough for about 110 pages. You may have noticed the lack of the Video Nasties piece – said space deficit meant a lot of stuff had to give and, on reflection, it’d been done to death everywhere else. It may well be resurrected when we come up with a new/unusual angle. Many other bits were written and discarded to make room for better/fresher things – hopefully this will make it a more interesting read all round.

Thanks to all and sundry, especially the fanzines that have mentioned us, not to Fear, though, since they put our advert in the wrong issue and claim we were full of ‘crash’! Back to schedule next time, all being well – until mid October, remember:

“You can hear all the compressors and the pneumatic drills – they sound right here in the room.”