Trash City – Issue 8

Winter 1990.

TC-shirts! Been spending most of my spare time trying to get this ‘zine ready, so they’re not a great deal further on than they were in the last issue. An estimate is currently being prepared, but I’d like to try and get a couple of others, just for the sake of argument and to assuage my perpetual paranoia that’d tell me I was being ripped off even if someone was doing them for free. It’ll definitely be the Nastassja pic and will be in a strictly limited edition of about 50.

Welcome to TC8, the only printed publication in Britain not to give a damn which of the three Conservative leadership candidates won. Or maybe it just seems this way. We will, however, lend our support to anyone in favour of Nastassja Kinski, oriental movies, Indian takeaways, Belgian chocolate, French teenage girls, American comics, Swiss scenery, Norwegian chainsaws, Finnish film directors (but only those with unpronouncable names), Japanese anime, Italian game-shows and Irish Guinness.


  • Textofascist: Jim McLennan.
  • Layout, graphics and illos: Per Porter, except the back cover which is a Julia set1 , produced by Steve Welburn using a Vax workstation.
  • The bits between the pictures: Des Lewis, Andrew McGavin, Jim McLennan, Martin Murray, Per Porter, David Thompson, Steve Welburn.
  • Printing, coloured paper suppliers, tidying up round the edges and so on: Copyprint, London.

Sub. rates (min. 2 issues) are 60p/issue UK, $1.50 Europe, $3 elsewhere. A label on the envelope tells you the last one you’ll get + how much is left over after it. This is slitting my own throat and doesn’t even cover production costs let alone postage, but goes back to when I produced TC on the computer at work. Single issues are œ1 ($2,$4), including postage – this just about breaks even. I sell copies to shops for 75p, so a œ1.25 shop price seems fair. Cheques/PO’s to Jim McLennan. Contributions are welcome, and I reserve the right to publish correspondence unless specifically asked not to. Send everything to :
Jim McLennan, 247 Underhill Road, E.Dulwich, LONDON, SE22 0PB
though a change of address is probably due soon, and will probably screw up the scheduling for TC9. No matter, I’ll make sure things get forwarded if I do move. At least, all envelopes without cute little windows in the front…


1-3The Usual stuff24-27Killer Kung fu Kinski on coke
4-6Is this testing whether I’m a replicant or a lesbian?28-30Autopsies can be fun
7-9Dear deer!31-32Zzzzzzz……
10-11Porn in the USA33-35Criminally insane
12-14Two no.13’s and a vampire princess36-37Music (more or less…)
15-16The Write Stuff38-39A Tom Cruise film worth watching!
17-18Un-commercial break40-41Couldn’t say, to be honest – not yet seen it!
19-20Exploding hookers and Phoebe Cates42-43Visual Aids
21-23‘L’ for leather44-47Hopefully, Steve’s comics piece…
* The set of points for which the function zn+1 = zn2+c converges, where zn are numbers in the complex plane and c is a complex constant {-0.5 + 0.06i in this case}