The Secretion with No Shame

Dark Star 6 (32 A4, 1.50) – Vested interest time. It’d be difficult for me to give a bad review to anything where the editorial describes TC as the only fanzine worth reading, but fortunately I don’t need to as it’s pretty good! Bad Taste, comics, films, books and a letter from your humble editor. Publishing House, 50 Wrotsham Road, GRAVESEND, Kent, Da11 0QF.

Headcheese & Chainsaws 3 (24 A5, 60p) – Quick mention time. A few layout problems are still apparent yet the style is light-hearted and readable, even when discussing cheery films like The Texas Chainsaw Masssace and Absurd. Also comics, books and an 80’s review. Rob Bewith, 33 Ernwill Avenue, Castletown, Sunderland, SR5 3EB.

Samhain 20 (32 A4, 1.55) – The demise of ‘Shock Xpress’ ends the controversy about what is Britain’s leading horror fanzine. THE place for reviews, news and interviews of anything from mainstream to the fringe. Why am I mentioning it, since I expect nearly all of you read it already? Well, they plug us, so it’s the least I can do! 19 Elm Grove Road, Topsham, EXETER, EX3 0EQ.

Scareaphanalia 85 (8 A5-ish, $1) – The Yanks seem to go for more frequent, small ‘zines; see also “Gore Gazette”, This contains the editor’s annual awards and an interesting table of box-office figures for ’89 genre films, #86, just in, has the first ‘Night Breed’ review I’ve read. Well written, even if you are left in need of another helping. Michael Gingold, 55 Nordica Drive, Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y 10520,USA.

Sheer Filth 7 (24 A5, 75p) – Bonus point as editor Dave Flint remembered me at this year’s Black Sunday from 89’s! The sleaziest ‘zine out, not in quality but subjects; SF8, which I haven’t seen, apparently has a rather less coy review of ‘Racconti Sensuale’ than ours… SF7 has Betty Page and lots of people I don’t know, but who’re undoubtedly dodgy. Dave Flint, 39 Holly St, Offerton, Stockport, SK1 4DP.

The Small Hours 1 (32 A4, 90p) – A strange resemblance to TC0, with articles on “Hellbound”, “Driller Killer” & censorship; fortunately, it’s better produced, with the artwork being impressive and containing a variety of fantasy/horror material. The editor runs a ‘zine distribution service (send an SAE for details), which could save you the hassle and risk of sending off to unknown editors. Paul A. Broome, Sycamore Cottage, Half Moon Lane, Kirkthorpe, Wakefield, WF1 5SY.

Strange Adventures 12 & 13 (12 A4, 95p) – There’s a steady improvement over the issues I’ve seen, which get sharper and lose the slight ‘written by committee’ feel earlier issues had. Reviews a wide range of films – any ‘zine that can put ‘Mac & Me’ between ‘The Hitcher’ & ‘Bloodsport’ (while keeping a straight face) has SOME style! Tony Lee, 13 Hazely Combe, Arreton, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 3AJ.