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TRASH CITY – Issue 5
Spring 1990.

‘Tis spring, when young men’s thoughts lightly turn to ultra-violence, Nastassja Kinski, exploitation in entertainment, beauty, death, computer games, travel, UFO’s, and general weirdness. At least, mine do. This is Trash City, the fanzine equivalent of a tin of condensed milk (reality stops here, folks!). Even if the texts are a load of rubbish, the picture quality’s improving – so what if I still insist on wasting said quality on pictures of a certain West German actress?

TC is available by subscription; send 60p/issue in cheques/p.o./cash (made payable to Jim McLennan where appropriate, 80p/$1.25 Europe, $3 elsewhere) to the address below; your name and address might be a good idea too. This is an increase over last time, but represents a drop in real terms/is nothing but a blip/is well in line with our estimates. If you’re already a subscriber, the numbers next to your name on the envelope tell you the last issue your sub covers and how much will be left over – I got fed up with updating them all every time. Contributions are extremely welcome – get in touch for details.

  • Issue 0 (Kinski, the Human League, Hellbound & H.G.Lewis. Historic, not very good, first attempt – 2nd generation copy, so not up to our normal standard!)
  • Issue 1 (Black Sunday, Kinski, Half Way to Heaven, Salo & DIY flame-throwers)
  • Issue 2 (Shock, Kinski, Reform School Girls, Sherlock Holmes & A Road Accident)
  • Issue 3 (lots of lists, Cicciolina, comics, Linnea Quigley & the New Avengers) & Issue 4 (Ilsa, The Railway Children, Tom & Jerry, comics & eye violence) are not available just now, but ask. I’m especially responsive to bribery involving Kinski, Patsy Kensit, Emmanuelle Beart, Mathilde May or items thereof!!
Thought, comments, insults, ideas and suggestions to:

Editor: Jim McLennan
Artwork: Per Porter, Phil Mielewczyk
Publishers: Copyprint, London
Jim McLennan
247 Underhill Road
East Dulwich
SE22 0PB.

Texts: in alphabetical order; Jim McLennan, Martin Murray, Elaine M. Nitchman and Per Porter. Contents page shows who’s responsible for what bits – your humble narrator, unless otherwise specified.

Back Cover: Kylie Minogue sits on her balcony and reviews the progress of her diet.

The views expressed in this ‘zine are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. However, there’s a pretty good chance they are the former, especially if they mention Nastassja Kinski. Trash City – sluggin’ for chauvinism.