After the War is Over

I’ve been carefully biting my tongue for the past month, careful not to impose my opinion of the war on you, but now that things have calmed down, think I can poke my head over the parapet. There are a few things worth pointing out at this stage.

Just because we won, doesn’t make it right. [This is, of course, using “we” in its broadest sense, as a Brit living in America. It never was my war to begin with] Going by the crowing of “told you so” from conservative commentators, it seems as if might now equals right. The outcome was never really in doubt, but part of me was hoping it would be tough enough to dissuade America from thinking it could ride rough-shod over every regime it dislikes. Or at least long enough for to flog all the yellow ribbons on which we stocked up.

It’s always nice to see a bully get punked – the only problem is, here we had two of them going toe-to-toe. Sure, the world is a better place without Saddam…but did the end justify the means? On the plus side, America’s ability to ignore the UN and take unilateral action should hopefully quiet the conspiracists who reckon the United Nations is being queued up to become a one-world government.

Where are those pesky weapons of mass destruction? This was the main justification for going – that Saddam posed a threat to his neighbours by having these evil devices – but as yet, nothing has been found. Surely our leaders couldn’t have been (gasp!) lying to us, could they? Don’t be stupid. Of course they could. And going by the way the contracts to rebuild Iraq are being handed out, the WMD are looking more and more like an excuse. This season of 24 features a war created for economic purposes. Life imitating art, or what?

Oh, but now Hussein was in bed with Al-Qaeda. So says a document conveniently found in the rubble of Iraq’s intelligence service. This was found by The Sunday Telegraph, part of a group often rumoured to have intelligence links. Also, odd how the US soldiers guarding the place – who presumably would have searched such an important site – managed to miss the document. Pardon my paranoia, but this could hardly smell more of a plant if it tried.

Where’s Saddam? And what now? Looks like we’ve had as much success finding him, as we have with Osama Bin-Laden. One suspects he’ll be quietly forgotten about, unless he does something dumb like check into the Ritz under his own name. He’s served his purpose. The acid test of this New New World Order will be how America deals with North Korea which, like Iraq, is a country ruled by a brutal dictator who supposedly has weapons of mass destruction. But – and this may be important – he is not sitting on 14 billion barrels of oil.

Interesting times, indeed…