Trash City 22: August 1999

You are here3
Welcome to the Videodrome4
TC Travel #1: Florida6
Against Work8
Floozies with Uzi, Broads with Swords…10
DFL: Versa Vice20
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!
—- Fighting Fit22
—- Ayane’s High Kick25
—- True Brit26
—- One Night in Sapporo28
—- Bambi vs Godzilla31
—- American Excess32
—- The rules are…there are no rules34
Banned from TV36
TC Travel #2: Quebec38
The Spoof is Out There40
In Bed With Nastassja46
Film Blitz52
Jail Babes58
High Weirdness By Mail59
My Bloody Valentine60
“What the heck was that?”62
Trash Kitty64
Jai Velocity66
Premium Bond70
Getting Carter76
Paul Rapovski: Man of Action78
Yuks and Zen80
TC Travel #3: Hamburg84
Conspiracy Corner: The Raven88
Wooly Jumpers…91
Cultural Junk93
Junk Culture100
34 Perran Road
Tulse Hill
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Text: Andy Collins, Chris Fata, Marc Lewes, Des Lewis, Lino Raffa, Jim Swallow
Graphics + Layout: Rik Rawling, John Spencer, Tanuki, and thanks to Tim Hegarty!
Printers: the ever wonderful Juma, 44 Wellington Street, Sheffield, S1 4HD