Trash City 18/19
Winter 1996

Yes, it’s that contents moment again. Though I’m tempted not to bother, purely to aggravate a friend of mine (hi, Nicolas!) who has this curious psychotic aversion to the fact that we don’t have page numbers on the pages. There are all sorts of difficult, technical reasons for this, but if anyone else feels this is a major flaw, feel free to correct it yourself with a Biro. Anyway, what follows will give a rough idea of what to expect, without giving away all the surprises!

Customary Practice6
Conspiracy Corner4
Against ‘Empire’2
Lifestyle mags4
Weird News #11
Mr Vampire4
Lino’s ‘Zine Bit11
Weird News #21
Against ‘The X-Files’2
Faerie Tale Theater4
Alex Winter2
Anime Blitz12
Incredibly Bad Film Show3
Weird News #31
In defence of ‘Show-girls’2
Undressed to Bill 24
Roni Raye6
Let’s talk about sex4
Internet Porn5
Weird News #41
Film Blitz7
Film (Festival) Blitz5
Weird News #51

The not-so small print

This is TC18/19, edited and published by Jim McLennan, 34 Perran Road, Tulse Hill, London, SW2 3DL. Email: jmclennan@ All text by him, except as otherwise noted, and he also did most of the layouts, which is why it’s 20 months since the last issue, except for “Let’s Talk About Sex”, and DFL which were done by John Spencer. The printers are Juma of Sheffield, whose address is 44 Wellington Street, Sheffield, Si 4HD.

Subscriptions to TC are E2 per double issue in the UK, £2.50 ($4) in Europe, £3 ($5) anywhere else. I still have some copies of TC16/17 left, at about the some price but all other issues are out of print, pending the forthcomin4 “Best of…” [take that with a pinch of salt]. Contributions are welcome; the more amusing, the better. It’s good if you lay them out — or better still, just publish them in such a way that I get all the credit.

Thanks for this issue, in no particular order, go to: Manga/AD Vision/Kiseki for tapes, Steve C, Steve L, Stem W, Mike, Miles, Rudy (Mr. Stella), Roni Raye, Rob, Shade Rupe, Chuck S, Rik, Lino, Trevor/Adrian /the Cinema Store for selling this, Darren, Nicolas, Andy (not had a four-pack for breakfast before!), and Chris “Things to do with a British flag” Fata.