Welcome to the Videodrome

This issue is, as you may have noticed, late, even by our standards. I suppose you want an explanation. Well, I’ve been kinda busy; been out of the house for the past eleven evenings to one thing or another, from evening classes to Ministry concerts to films to gratuitous socializing. But this is merely the pleasant tip of an iceberg of time-eating activities of variable pleasantness, such as moving house (please note the new address on the opposite page), going on holiday, and trying to get the new abode into a semi-habitable state, though the last-named has stalled somewhat recently, the first flush of home ownership enthusiasm having worn off.

As I write this, Per is visiting Cronenbergland, in Toronto, and Steve is probably in Lewisham (nothing is ever certain with regard to Lewisham); I can confidently state he’s not here. So it’s just me and a large packet of choccie cookies (Shu-gah britz!), together with track 98 of the Nine Inch Nails CD at appropriately Industrial volume. All things considered, life could be a whole lot worse.

Mind you it could be better. My paranoia tells me that eleven nights out will inevitably be followed by eleven nights in, pining for the fjords, waiting for the phone to ring [gosh, this automatic cliche generator is fun, isn’t it?], or some such pseudo-cyclical tosh. But it is worrying that I tried to phone someone just now, in order to try and arrange something for later this week, only to get no reply… My paranoia is now saying, once again, there is this really good, massive party to which everyone in the universe, bar me, has been invited!

Ah well, you’re never alone with a psychosis. My complex and I will head off for a quick beer later, take in a film, and probably sleep in tomorrow morning. But can I get the damn thing to do all my work for me as well?

TC was available from Psychotronik Videos, Mega-City Comics, and Forbidden Planet (all in London), the Sheffield Space Centre, Videodrom Berlin, plus by mail order from Dark Carnival, Z-Video (Trick or Treat’s new name!) and Daystar Books – who did have some seriously back issues when I bumped into them (presume it was them!) at a film fair; I even glimpsed a TC7…

At this point, a swift plug for the TC calendars; six pages of endearingly A3-sized Oriental smut, [subscribers may remember last issue’s insert – same babe, six different costumes!] covering the period from March 93 to April 94 – this strange concept of yeardom is another product of our tardiness! Three quid each plus 50p p&p (for any number) to the usual address. Strictly limited to er, however many Kanji could sneak out of the printshop; about fifty or so.

Thanks this issue to: Adam and the Seishun crew, Steve, Steve and Steve(!), Kanji, John, Paul, Claire, Stefan, Oddone + Max (without these two, the Moana Pozzi/Cicciolina piece would have been a bit short), James, Jeff, Darren + John, Andy, Ewart, Peter, Pandora Powell at Partridge and Storey, Kim Sweet at the ICA, Helen, Lino + Tony, Mr. X, Josh and the other Steve.

“Death is not a punishment. Death is my friend. The only real dishonour is compromise and self betrayal. Death is my independence.”