Trash City 13

Winter 1992

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
Three Pin Plugs
“Shocking, amateurish and totally unjustifiable”. But whose ‘zine is it? Editors quake in their shoes…
BHigh weirdness by mail
Don’t worry about it my dear, It’s quite normal for a girl your age.
Incredibly Bad Film Show
In which we meet Zorro, scorpions and The Sound of Music
CLove my guns
“Break into my house one night and find out for yourself…”
Alone Together
Announcement 1: The last section was only there to fill up some blank space
DBorn to be Bad (Taste)
Thirty times the volume of fake blood was spilled in the making of ‘Brain Dead’ than was used in ‘Re-Animator’
Mad, bad and dangerous to know
Announcement 2: We will now return to the courtship rituals of the parrot
EFilm Blitz
Absolutely no mention whatsoever of that gothic/vampire thing in which Ms Ryder models time-travelling underwear
Moana and Ilona
Announcement 3: Ignore the previous announcement, which was silly. Møøse bites can be very nasty, yøu knøw
FAnime Action
Mayhem, destruction and cat-bimbos at a store near you. Remember kids don’t try joyriding in tanks at home
Jeff Koons
“I’m not involved in pornography, I’m interested in love, the spiritual”
GKnow your enemy
The next installing enthrallment in our ‘how to’ (not get arrested) series
This could be Steve’s comics piece. It could be anything. It could be blank. Who knows?

Editor Jim McLennan. He’s the man who is so paranoid that he refuses to leave me alone in the room with the this file. Wonder why? He’s even resorted to delivering my post (from before Xmas!!) as a feeble excuse to stick around. The idea that he thinks people would fall for such an obvious ploy is insulting to all the true paranoids around here. Back to reality for a second..

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of this Quarterly ‘zine, published but three times twice a year. This is actually the Summer ’92 issue, which is why we’ve stopped putting the date on the cover… It’s birth in John London’s hands at Copyprint was accompanied by assorted shepherds and three wise men.

All praise the subscription price which remains at 75p/issue, $2 (or £2 if you prefer) Europe, $3 Elsewhere, £395 for Martin Bangemann. Hallelujah my brothers! The TC Old Testament (Books I to XII) have been burned by religious extremists. A plate will be going round shortly for your contributions, however large and expensive. Securicor preferred. All offerings, holy relics and Jimmy Swaggart’s tissue collection should be sent to the following address:
34 Perran Road, Tulse Hill, LONDON SW2 3DL