Trash City – Issue 10

‘Summer’ (hahaha!) 1991.

TC hits double figures and celebrates by going down the pub, lusting after barmaids who look like Phoebe Cates, topping up the cholesterol levels at the chip-shop, popping into the video shop on the way home (late-opening stores are a true indicator of civilization), renting something Oriental with no plot but a lot of fu and going to bed to dream about a live-action version of ‘Dirty Pair’ starring Winona Ryder and Nastassja Kinski.

“The implausible plot would definitely have benefited from a more light-hearted approach”: Video World’s anonymous reviewer writing about ‘Miracle Mile’, proving that a) you don’t need to understand a film to write about it and b) intelligence is an optional extra for the writers on that magazine.

TC-shirts – Yeah! They’re here! And, boy, were they worth the wait. Now, you too can have a wonderful full-colour painting of everyone’s favourite German actress, wielding a blood-spattered chainsaw while not wearing any clothes. Choose from two exciting sizes (Large or Extra Large) and two groovy backprints (either “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw” or ‘The T-shirt they tried to ban”). These ultra-rare shirts (only a total of 50 exist) cost just £12, including postage. Order now: supplies are limited, so any delay may mean you might not get the size or slogan you want, though if we don’t have it, we’ll do the best we can.

Editor, most of the words + T-shirt supremo: Jim McLennan
The rest of the words: Peter R.Evans, Dean Heathcote, Tony Lee, Des Lewis, Andrew McGavin, Steve Welburn
Pictures: Per Porter

Subs: 75p/issue ($2 Europe, $3 elsewhere). Back issues: TC9 for E1/$2/$3, all others out of print. Cheques, etc, payable to Jim McLennan. All letters, money, tapes, bribes, Kinski dippings and Winona Ryder’s underwear to:
7 Tummons Gardens. S.Nortvood Hill, LONDON, SE25 6BD.

  • 1-3 The Usual
  • 4-5 Ripley’s Believe It or Not
  • 6-9 Steve, where’s the comics piece?
  • 10-13 The Things on the Mat
  • 14-18 Film Blitz
  • 20-23 En-Chan-ting
  • 24-27 Anime Nasties
  • 28-31 Tokyo Recall
  • 32-37 Firim Britz
  • 38-39 Gunhed: The Movie
  • 41-43 (Fe)mail Order
  • 44-45 A close look at Pandora’s Box…
  • 45-47 Incredibly Aggressive Shrubbery Show

We’re currently keen to get TC into some more shops. If you know of anywhere in your area that might be interested, and you’d be willing to wave a sample copy of this wonderful ‘zine at the owner, let us know. If you’re willing to extract payment for copies delivered as well, so much the better, as that’s always the hardest bit! No pay, save perhaps free TC, and little glory, I’m afraid. However, you will get our undying gratitude and God will no doubt shower you with liquorice allsorts in Heaven. But see him/her/it about that, especially if you don’t want the blue ones.