Trash City 6

Summer 1990.

Bringing you fun in the sun, Nastassja Kinski, splatter movies, culture from East and West, conspiracy theory, some very bad fiction, some very good fiction, Christopher Lee, and more deviant ideas than you can shake a stick at. People of a sensible disposition or with deep faith in copyright law should stop here. No back issues are currently available, though bribery in that area may be productive. For the record, previous TC’s were:

  • TC0 – Nastassja Kinski, the Human League, “Hellbound” + H.G.Lewis
  • TC1 – Black Sunday ’89, NK, “Salo”, DIY flamethrowers + Holiday ’88
  • TC2 – Shock 2, NK, “Reform School Girls”, “Edge of Sanity” + a road accident
  • TC3 – lists, Cicciolina, Linnea Quigley, + “The New Avengers”
  • TC4 – “Ilsa”, “The Railway Children”, Tom & Jerry + eye violence
  • TC5 – Sybil Danning, “G.L.O.W.”, “Dangermouse”, Black Sunday ’90 + Troma


1Cover, colophon and contents19The TC Interview (PH)
3Christopher Lee (MM & JM)21Desultory Nights (DFL)
7Reader’s Ramblings22Born to be Wile
8The Section With No Name24Film Blitz
10Jailhouse Shock30Nightmares (PP)
12Back to Black32Conspiracy Corner
14Escape To New York35Incredibly Bad Book Show
16The Joe Bob Backlash… (AF)38Orient Excess (TL, JM, PP & SW)
17At last, the competition results!48Back Cover


Editor/benevolent dictator: Jim McLennan. Arty bits: Phil “it’s in the post” Mielewczyk, Per Porter and David Thomson. Texts: Alun Fairburn, Paul Higson, Tony Lee, Des Lewis, Andrew McGavin, Jim McLennan, Martin Murray, Per Porter & Steve Welburn. Printers: the ever wonderful Copyprint, London.

Subscriptions are available; 60p/issue UK, 80p/$1.25 in Europe, $3 elsewhere. A label on the envelope for subscribers tells you the last issue you’ll get + how much money will be left over after that. Cheques or PO’s made payable to Jim McLennan please. Contributions are welcome, and in any case I reserve the right to publish any correspondence unless specifically asked not to. All submissions, subscriptions, petitions and proclamations to:
    Jim McLennan, 247 Underhill Road, E.Dulwich, LONDON, SE22 0PB


The idea of TC T-shirts has been put forward. I quite like the idea of running off a limited, full-colour one; the cost would probably be 7.95 or thereabouts. However, I don’t know what ought to be put on them! A past TC cover? All suggestions would be welcome…