Welcome To The Videodrome

TC11’s editorial rant over Forbidden Planet’s fiscal tardiness awoke the powers-that-be and rapidly provoked phone-calls, of varying politeness, from people at Titan Books and FP to explain what had happened. Someone (who’s now left) had screwed up, lost my invoice and compounded things by trying to cover up their error. And lo, it took them a mere 30 days to pay for TC11. I was also firmly assured they are not going bust – such rumours do the rounds irregularly, according to FP manager Dick Jude.

TC11 was therefore again available from FP, as well as from Psychotronic Videos, Fantasy Inn (now recovering from a fire) and Top 10 Comics in London; the Sheffield Space Centre in, funnily enough, Sheffield; by mail order from Dark Carnival (SAE to 21 Avon Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1EP), Trick or Treat (who may have copies of TC8 – SAE to 69 Pontamman Road, Ammanford, Dyfed SA18 2HX), Daystar Books (no money, no plug!) and Media Publications (who’ve moved recently, so their address is uncertain). Abroad, Videodrom in Berlin and Michael Dericks were carrying the flag.
Thanks to Stephen, Phil, Kanji, Johns Spencer and Overall, Peters J & R Evans, Rudy, George, Dave, Brian, Alun, Ewart, Paul, Rick, Stefan, Adam, Jeff, Claire, Oddone plus Pandora Powell (Partridge & Storey), Christopher Crouch (Yaffa) and Catherine Flynn (The Associates)

We may be too late for Film Extremes 2, but we should be out before Spencer Hickman’s ‘Nothing Shocking’ filmfest in Northampton on June 6th. Though accommodation problems are likely to stop me going, the line-up, including ‘Deadbeat at Dawn’, sounds interesting – phone Spence on 021-360-5368 for details. And something else that missed ‘Three-Pin Plugs’: I remembered Tim Greaves’ address, but forgot to mention his one-off glossy devoted to Yutte Stensgard, with lots of lustworthy pictures…

Ludicrous optimism award. Peter Mawdsley, Liverpool Trading Standards Officer, after a six-month operation led to a trivial ten arrests and the seizure of such ‘nasties’ as ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Assault on Precinct 13’:”We feel that we’ve all but put an end to underground horror videos”

Yeah, that’s right – now go back to nicking landlords who pull short pints, will you?