Trash City 12

Spring 1992

Waffle by Jim McLennan, self-proclaimed editor of this publication, in which you are introduced to his ego.
Three Pin Plugs
In which the editor tries to take as much credit as he can for something he didn’t write…
4Samurai Pizza Cats
“I blame this for the rise of the American serial killer”
Fighting Females
“…and it’s nice to see colour co-ordinated underwear in vogue”
“Did she have the pie or the ice-cream for dessert ? And the answer IS…”
American Excess Part 2
“San-Francisco’s Chinatown had me in a state of almost permanent dribble”
12Conspiracy Corner: UFOs
“I found myself holding two documents, one called ‘Project Grudge’, another one called ‘Operation Majority'”
California Über Alles
Oprah Winfrey versus Jello Biafra… Pictures at eleven.
16Film Blitz
Guaranteed no pyschopathic bunnies this time, A-ko rubs shoulders (and maybe more) with Bruce Willis.
In The Line Of Duty
“…wearing a virginal wedding dress and spraying automatic gunfire everywhere, is nearly a religious experience “
22High Weirdness By Mail
This mail-bag wasn’t as laughable as the last. It only had one letter in it (Aw!)… but at least it was a long one.
San Futuro… Or is it ?
Boredom strikes at the heart of TC, and then along comes the man from Customs…
24Handy Household Hints
Help the Customs service by following this handy check-list.
Grievous Bodily Charm
“…a large proportion of eight-year olds, and video store shelves..

Editor Jim McLennan. He’s the man who wanders around in his pyjamas with a packet of Romany Creams muttering “It’s a tough life”. Brian Bower, Jason Parker, Lino, Per and Steve contributed to the twelfth issue of this Quarterly ‘zine, published but three times a year. This anomaly may possibly be connected to the following three facts; 1) We spend our time actually doing the things we write about, 2) Jim keeps wanting to rewrite the film reviews and 3) Have you ever tried to illustrate a piece on UFOs? In comparison to TC’s conception, which is slow, noisy and leaves the Art Ed with sticky fingers for a week, its birth in John London’s hands at Copyprint is a miracle.

Another miracle is the subscription price which remains at 75p/issue, $2 Europe, $3 Elsewhere, $850 3WA headquarters (includes danger money). For the Gospel According to TC parts 9, 10 and 11 you’d better be quick, as we have less than a dozen of each. at £1/$2/$3. TC9 will soon be a T-shirt and the rest of us will probably have an identity crisis too before the next ish. All contributions to this creation, except those about the artistic merit of “Driller Killer “, should be sent to the following address which will shortly be wrong:
7 Tummons Gardens, South Norwood Hill, LONDON SE25 6BD