Conspiracy Corner: UFOs

The ultimate conspiracy theories take individual, seemingly disparate, topics and link them together to form a web of intrigue so dense that nothing can be considered as beyond it’s grasp. Step up, Milton William Cooper, a chief proponent of a line of thought that takes in individual plots as diverse as Kennedy’s assassination, aliens from another world, the CIA’s drug running and the fall of the Soviet Union, and combines them all into an interesting schema.The following is a transcript of a talk given by Cooper in Los Angeles on November 17th 1989. I’ve edited it to achieve a more coherent form – partly because what works in speech doesn’t always work on paper, partly because Cooper exhibits a tendency to deviate into other areas. Fascinating though his tales from Vietnam, descriptions of Hawaiian scenery and details of how the FBI award security classifications are, they don’t bear much relevance to the matter in hand.

“As a child, I’d heard stories from my father (my father was a pilot) about Foo Fighters, UFO’s, strange craft that were not made on this Earth. And as a kid, you hear that in passing, and it’s neat, and you giggle about it, and you go out and play “Spaceman”, and you forget it. When I was in the Air Force, I met men who had participated in alien recoveries. Now this intrigued me, it interested me, but it was usually after quite a few bottles of beer that these stories would come out, and sometimes the next morning I couldn’t remember what the heck the guy said.

“When I left the Air Force, I went into the Navy…I was assigned to the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, who had to know everything concerning his area of operations, which was one half of the Earth’s surface – the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and all the land masses in between.

“Eventually, I found myself…holding two documents; one called ‘Project Grudge’, another one called ‘Operation Majority’. Project Grudge contained the history of alien involvement since around 1936, and it began [by] talking about Germany’s involvement with a crashed disk that they had recovered in 1936 and were attempting to duplicate….If they had been successful, we would not have won the war, because you can not beat these weapons. You can not outfly these craft, you can’t even think about it with conventional aircraft.

“They did make some headway. When we went into Peenemunde, we captured documents, we got some scientists, we got some hardware. The Russians also got some documents, some scientists and some hardware. It wasn’t until 1947 that we were able to capture a craft, a whole craft, not all together but it was everything. And that occurred near the city of Roswell, New Mexico. There were dead aliens recovered from the craft. In Project Grudge I saw photographs of these dead aliens, of the craft. I saw photographs of live aliens, I saw photographs of autopsies, internal organs, I saw photographs of the alien designated E.B.E 0 which was held in captivity from 1949 until June the 2nd, 1952 when he died. I saw the history of what they had been able, at that time, to put together, from incidents in the 1800’s which involved aliens and their craft.

“I saw a project that was to fly recovered alien craft that had been recovered intact and undamaged…how that happened, I have no idea. It was called ‘Project Red Light’ and first was conducted from the Tonopah test range in the Nevada test site and then was moved to a specially built area, ordered built by President Eisenhower, called Area 51, code named ‘Dreamland’ in the Groom dry lake area…by secret executive order. It doesn’t exist officially: if you ask anyone, or if you write letters to the government, they will tell you it doesn’t exist.

“The project to…test fly these craft was ongoing until sometime in 1962, when a craft blew up not far from the test site, in the air, and the explosion was seen over a three state area, the pilots were killed. They had no idea what had happened or why the craft blew up, but they put Project Red Light on hold until a later date when the aliens supplied us with three craft and personnel to help us fly these craft. That project is ongoing and we now have not only alien craft that we are flying, we have craft that we have built using the captured technology, and some of the UFOs that people report seeing in the United States, and maybe even elsewhere, are flown by United States personnel.

“Professor [James] Oberth was probably one of the greatest rocket scientists…that ever lived. When he retired, the government gave him a special award, there was a press conference, all kinds of ceremony, and when he got up to speak he said…and I quote Professor Oberth, “Gentlemen, we cannot take credit for all the technological developments that we have had in the past decade. We have had help”…One of the reporters raised his hand and said “Professor Oberth, can you tell us what other country helped us?”. He said, “It was those little guys from out in space”, and then he got down and would not comment any further.

“The first moon landing was May the 22nd, 1962 – oh, excuse me, that was the first landing on Mars…The first time we landed on the moon was sometime during the…middle 50’s because at the time when President Kennedy stated that he wanted a man to set foot on the moon by the end of the decade, we already had a base there.0

“I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there are all kind of things going on all the time, we are making rapid progress in exposing this. Since I have begun talking, people have begun coming out of the woodwork at a rapid rate…and are helping us to put it together, because I don’t have all the answers. I saw an awful lot of material, I have remembered an awful lot of it,, I have probably, in my remembering, made some mistakes, but I guarantee you they’re minor ones, if I have.

“You know, there’s really nothing wrong with what’s been happening, except for three things. Number one, when thhey decided to keep it secret, they needed to finance it. They couldn’t tell the public, so they couldn’t tell Congress – they decided to finance it with the…importation and sale of drugs. Now, in the documents that I read, in Operation Majority, it specifically stated that when George Bush was the president and CEO of Zapata Oil, he, in conjunction with the CIA, organised the first large scale drug importation into this country from South and Central America by fishing boat, to the offshore oil platforms of Zapata Oil, and then from there onto the beach, thus bypassing all Customs inspection and law enforcement inspections of any kind. They are still bringing in drugs, to a limited extent, in this manner.

“Another manner is by CIA contract aircraft…one of their bases of landing is Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. We have affidavits from air controllers who have vectored the planes in, who have made sure they’re not interfered with in any way. We have affidavits from personnel at Homestead Air Force Base who say the planes have been met by Zeb Bush, who is George Bush’s son. We have affidavits from people who work in the Gulf of Mexico, in the offshore oil business, that yes, indeed, the drugs are coming in, at least some of them, from the offshore oil-platforms.”The next thing that’s wrong is, to keep the secret they killed a lot of people who tried to leak it out. And if I hadn’t done it the way that I did it, you wouldn’t be seeing me anywhere standing or walking on this Earth now.

“They killed President Kennedy…Between ’70 and ’73, in Operation Majority it stated verbatim that President Kennedy ordered MJ-12 to cease the importation and sale of drugs to the American people, that he ordered them to implement a plan to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year. His assassination was ordered by the policy committee of the Bilderbergers0. MJ-12 implemented the plan and carried it out in Dallas, it involved agents of the CIA, Division 5 of the FBI, the Secret Service and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

“President Kennedy was killed by the driver of his car, whose name was William Greer. He used a recoil-less, electrically operated, gas-powered assassination pistol specially built by the CIA to assassinate people at close range. It fired an explosive pellet that injected a large amount of shellfish poison into the brain and that is why in the documents it stated that President Kennedy’s brain was removed0…The reason for that is so… they would not find the particles of the exploding pellet or the shellfish poison in his brain, which would have proved conclusively that Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the assassin.

“The Soviet Union and the United States have been close allies since the end of World War II and have been closely participating in the secret space program all this time…What you see happening in the Soviet block right now is not the result of people standing up and saying, “We want to be free”, it’s the result of the international bankers saying, “You tear down these barriers and you meet the West half way, give your people some freedom, the West is gonna take some freedom away from their people so that we can put together a one-world economic system and have all the power. That’s what’s happening! If you don’t believe it, sit around and watch it!”

These last sentences do ring some rather disquieting bells these days, judging by the presence of McDonald’s in Red Square, for example. If even 10% of the above is true, it certainly puts a new, very sinister slant on Bush’s much vaunted “new world order”…