Trash City 11

Winter 1991

3. Editorial
Far too much text to bother reading, skip at all costs unless you’re completely bored.
24. Three Pin Plugs
Blue equals Neutral, Brown equals Live, Green/Yellow equals Earth. But what’s this got to do with the ‘zine reviews?
4. High Weirdness by Mail
A chance for everyone to laugh at our mailbag, unless it’s your letter we are laughing at…
27. Heavy Metal
“Can it be possible to be in love with a cartoon character ?” Answers on a postcard to…
6. Advice to the Bride
“She should let him grope in the dark. There is always the chance that he will stumble and incur some slight injury”
30. San Futuro Chronicles
“Ok, I lied. I haven’t got copies of all the things that I’m listing”
9. Conspiracy Corner: WORK
“This allows you to pull the wool over his eyes, nose, mouth and down to his belly button”
34. Klaus Kinski
“Can you libel the dead?” [I wouldn’t mind being sued by Nastassja – Ed]
12. American Excess
Welcome to America! “Had a phone rung, I’d probably have wet myself”
36. Big Music
“The Big Noise are hard, come from Tamworth and probably growl at Budgies”
16. Visions of Japan
“Select: GODZILLA. And there he is, forty stories tall with bad breath and a skin condition.”
38. Film Blitz
23 reviews squeezed into six pages, where “atrocity overload” rubs shoulders with a “pyschopathic bunny” or two
18. Life is harder than censorship allows
An interview with Manfred Jelinski, producer of Nekromantik, and a review of Nekromantik 2
45. Bob told me to do it
“Commandments written in stone, secret rituals and sexual guilt are optional extras”

Editor Jim McLennan. Well, he doesn’t actually do any editing as you may have noticed, but he does pretty much everything else so we’ll let him off. Contributors for this issue (ping) are: George Houston, Per Porter, Jim Swallow, Steve Welburn. Pictures and pasteups by Per Porter.

Trash City is published sometimes when we can get Jim to finish the bloody thing. Then we spend several weeks trying to find suitable pictures. Ok, any pictures. We then take the whole sticky pile down to John London at Copyprint. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

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