Future Schlock

Issue 1 is lain to earth, may it Rest In Peace. The next incarnation, in a little over three months (see Editorial), will quite possibly be in another new format. Exactly what, has yet to be decided – possibilities include engraved on stone (the postage costs might well nail that one), printed on one sheet of paper, 5 foot to a side, or sent to you on a microdot. On the other hand, it might well be A5 again. What is possibly certain is that it might contain some of the following :

  • SHOCK AROUND THE CLOCK – quite a few pages of reviews & reports on this, THE exploitation evening.
  • THE INCREDIBLY BAD FILM SHOW – one of the ‘worst’ British films ever made, Hammer’s diabolical “Lust For A Vampire” + something else appaling.
  • COMICS – The fastest growing media just now, we’ll be taking a look at it and making a few suggestions. At least we will, if Steve gets his ass in gear!
  • GLACIER EXPRESS – The second part of the holiday postcard.
  • WEIRD STUFF – We get a bit splattery and discuss some unpleasant accidents, including the guy who almost decapitated himself with a chainsaw and lived!
  • NASTASSJA – The final part of the article. Do I hear a few cheers? Don’t know what we’re going to do when it’s finished…
  • PLUS: TRASH POP (if I get my ass in gear), TRASH LETTERS, TRASH TV (if Per gets his ass in gear), TRASH FILMS & TRASH PERVERSIONS. Ok, I’m lying about the last one.

The great title debate failed to be either great or a debate. Nobody expressed any strong opinions other than those mentioned last time, thus by default, it’s “Trash City” – I’ll now wait till you’ve got used to it, THEN change it…

All of the above depends on time, room, inclination, whether people get things done and whether I can find something better to do with my time. However, I don’t think I’ll be asked to direct a film, marry Nastassja Kinski or accept a million pounds, so (sigh), it looks like another three months of editing this thing.

See you then!