Liberal blue checkmark Twitter exploded last night, after an apparent shocking incident in the late stages of a baseball game in Denver, Colorado.

Even the team, the Colorado Rockies, got in on the act.

Except, there’s a problem with all of the outrage. The fan was actually yelling to try and attract the attention of the home team’s mascot – a purple triceratops (don’t ask…) called DINGER. If you look at the full footage (there’s a great breakdown below), a couple of things show this quite clearly. Firstly, the guy in question is not even looking at the field – he’s looking off to the left of the shot, where the mascot is standing. Secondly, nobody around him reacts in the slightest, and I guarantee you, someone would certainly have looked at him, if he’d been screaming the alleged word.

It was a storm in a purple teacup, but what is interesting is the rush to judge and condemn by the left, in a tidal-wave of virtual signalling, rather than waiting for the facts. But that’s what happens when racism – and systemic racism in particular – becomes an industry. It needs constantly to prove its validity, in a 21st-century version of McCarthyism. Instead of reds under the bed, it’s racists who lurk around every corner. And if you can’t find evidence to support your beliefs, well, just fabricate it out of thin air! [See also Jussie Smollett] The Outrage Monster must be fed, or the demand for those “White privilege” courses might dry up!

Of course, racism exists. It does in every single country in the world, and despite claims, is not limited to Caucasians [Just ask my Cuban mother-in-law about Puerto Ricans…] But it’s nowhere near the levels alleged by some. I tend to feel most people’s problems are the consequences of actions (mostly theirs, sometimes their parents), rather than the colour of their skin. But for some who have picked up a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail. To these people, a loop of rope, hanging there for a year, suddenly becomes a noose.

The Rockies, to their credit, have issued a subsequent statement, confirming the Dinger explanation. Olbermann, Nightengale, etc? Not so much. But then, Twitter is a fucking cesspool. I’m sure there’s a word for people who warp reality to try and make it fit their twisted perceptions, in which everything must exist in terms of race. Wish I could remember what it was. But at least some good has come of this, with the team deciding the mascot’s name will be changed going forward, to avoid further situations like this.

It’ll now be called “Cupid Bunt”…