Trash City: Cont-anime-T Special

This is a special, not really to be counted, issue of TC produced for (or rushed out for, to be more accurate) this wonderful anime convention which you’re probably at – I say ‘probably’, as I’ll probably be getting rid of excess copies from now till the year 2525.

Some words for those of you unfamiliar with the TC concept. It is NOT a 100% anime ‘zine – while there’s been a gradual increase in the anise content, most notably in our annual(ish) Oriental specials, it started off being devoted mostly to schlock horror movies, but has now slid sideways into covering anything deemed ‘kinda interesting’ by the editor. In the past, this has meant Traci Lords rubbing shoulders with Bambi, articles on necrophilia next to pieces on ‘The Railway Children’, etc, etc. If you’re interested, I’ll probably be flogging copies of the latest issue on the table at the con. Should I have run out (ever the optimist!), contact me thus:
Jim McLennan
34 Perran Road
Tulse Hill
SW2 3DL.
Send me a quid if you want a copy.

redits: This entire creature was the brainchild of Jim McLennan, and no blame should be attached to Steve, Per, Paul or anyone else on the stall. Kanji Bates probably has to take some responsibility, however, for photo-copying the creature, thereby saving me from having to spend several long evenings hanging round the office until the place was empty, so I could use the copier.

No rights reserved, feel free to copy any of this, though since I nicked most of it, you might want to exercise a little care. But as most of the artists are probably somewhere in California, you should be ok (though wouldn’t it be a surprise if they turned up at the con?). The back cover originally appeared in the May 92 ‘Scanners’, the newsletter of the Southern California Animation Network, and I would have cleared it with the editor, Mr. Adam Chaney (a man of unbounded generousity, albeit with an unnerving tendency to occasionally drive on the wrong side of the road), had I thought about it in time.

The core of this special issue is a reprint of a very strange piece of fan art which I picked up (literally, a pile of them were lying on a table) at AnimeExpo in the States earlier this year. It raises a whole batch of interesting questions, some of which are mentioned afterwards, in the bit designed to round out this creature to an appropriate, divisible by four, number of pages. There’ll be some other American strangeness as well, and I suspect that I’ll probably also have a chance to ramble on about various other topics, too, and those of you who know me will realise I’m not one to pass up such a chanceā€¦

AUTOGRAPHS! As a useful aid to con-goers, the space below this has been left blank so that you can use it to get sketches and autographs of all the famous anime guests who’ll be turning up at this event, though Will and Steve will have to draw just a little smaller than usual!