Win a copy of ‘Shellter’

As you may recall, Shellter took home the prize for Best Feature at our 3rd Phoenix Fear Film Festival, and was recently named Best Film of 2010 when we listed such things. I’m pleased to report that director Dan Donley has sent us some copies of the film to give away, so if you haven’t seen this excellent piece of horror, now would be a good chance to pick up the DVD.

It’s now available from and, with the DVD also including a bunch of extras – behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, outtakes, deleted scenes and trailers. This is why one of the DVDs Dan sent will be staying in TC Towers, replacing the screening copy from the festival. But we’re ready to send the others out to deserving homes.

To enter, use the Contact Form to answer the simple question below. Give us your name, email address and snail mail address, and make the subject line something appropriately amusing, such as “Gimme Shellter”. All entries with the correct answer received by February 28th, will be placed in a receptacle of some sort, and the appropriate number of winners drawn at random. Here’s the question:

What scientist was responsible for the experiments re-enacted in the film?

If you don’t know the answer, then I would suggest tracking down any well-written review of this film, which is bound to mention this…