Walk-Ons: the paintball movie

Quick plug for Walk-Ons, a paintball film currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, with writer/director Andrew Kadikian partnering with producer Ryan Stockstad to make – wait for it – a teen romantic comedy set in the world of competitive paintball. Yep. Admit it, you’re intrigued.

“The paintballing sport is not represented very often in film,” said Ryan, founder of Crowned Prince Productions. No shit: about the closest I can come up with immediately is 1982’s Tag: The Assassination Game, with Bruce Abbott and a very young Linda Hamilton, but even that was sucker darts, not paintball. “We’re hoping that this movie will change that a little bit.”  Andrew added, “I’m kind of drawing my inspiration for this from my love of John Hughes movies and teen comedies of the 80s… And at the same time, my love for paintball and playing paintball and watching professional paintball.”

Dunno about you, but the thought of Ally Sheedy being shot in the face at point-blank range is curiously appeali… Hang on: did you say professional paintball? Is that a thing? Admittedly, my experience of the sport was limited to a couple of afternoons running round an exceedingly damp forest, which was about as far from professional as you can get. But apparently, this is a thing, with the National Professional Paintball League in the forefront – or, at least, at the top of my Google search results. Who knew? But, let’s face it, if there can be professional video-game players, why not? Anyway, when Kadikian plays, he regularly documents the sport with a helmet-mounted camera, for his Rogue Division production company’s partnered YouTube channel, which has over 7,000 subscribers.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more info on the pair’s credits, and other info on the project. Or, for those who don’t like reading, have a video instead.