Revolting Cocks: London Astoria, January 24th, 1991

The Internet never forgets. Or it might forget, but it has a tendency to remember again later, coughing up hair-balls of long-forgotten events that you’d be prepared to swear had been consigned to the trash-can of history. Or, in this case, the TC archives, for tucked away in the corner of And This Is What […]

Rammstein: Arena, Phoenix AZ, May 18th 2012

My first encounter with Rammstein was on the soundtrack of David Lynch’s Lost Highway in 1997, where I initially mistook them for Laibach – and wasn’t the first to do so. Somewhat snarkily, Laibach said, “They have proven once again that a good ‘copy’ can make more money on the market than the ‘original’. Anyhow, […]

Damp Squibs on Fireworks Night

Rockbitch Islington Garage, 5th November 1998 The origins of this outing lie in the last Flesh + Blood book — as is documented, Harvey Fenton devoted no less than TWENTY-SIX pages to Rockbitch, a satanic/sex/heavy metal (mostly-)girl group. Eyebrows here were raised as to whether they were really worth the coverage — Mr.Fenton assured me […]

That Damn Show

or “TRASH CITY RULES” or “VINDALOO…BUCKET!” Phoenix Arizona Saturday 19 September 1998 – All Freaking Day……. Let’s see.. where do I start? Picture this: A baseball stadium, big enough for 30,000 humans – and several more sub-humans – harboring a music festival of epic proportions, in an area of Arizona bordering a retirement community, which […]

What’s in that dark cloud overhead…? V98 review

Well, if it’s August, it must be time for the Chelmsford festival of all things pop, and V98 held for this undiscerning punter the following mixed bag… Saturday – A nice fluffy summer’s day Iggy Pop – 8/10 Dinosaurs live longer these days (Main stage) ‘Lust For Life’ isn’t just a song title you know. […]