TC’s 10 Best Films of 2015

I watched a lot of films last year. The final tally was 371 – I’ve no intention of even attempting to match that goal in 2016, and to make sure I’m not even tempted, January was largely spent falling behind, through a carefully staged process of slacking off and watching TV series instead.  Despite that […]

TC’s Ten Best Films of 2014

The final tally of films seen in 2014 was 317, which is a handful up on last year. Felt like a better selection, with submissions to the Phoenix FearCon representing a very significant chunk of the top tier. Mind you, they would probably also feature heavily if I did a list of the bottom ten […]

Incredibly Bad Film Show: Manos, Hands of Fate

Dir: Harold P. Warren Star: Harold P. Warren, Tom Neyman, John Reynolds, Diane Mahree It’s perhaps surprising, given my fondness for badfilm, that I had never quite got round to watching this, often regarded as the worst movie of all time. At one point, it was thus ranked on the IMDb: though it has now […]

Unlawful Killing – the Princess Diana conspiracy film

Dir: Keith Allen The phrase “banned in the UK” still has a curious lure to me, even though I haven’t lived there now for over 13 years. So, hearing about this documentary immediately piqued my interest, since it was more or less damned as far as any UK release was concerned – lawyers apparently advised […]

Incredibly Bad Film Show: Rescue Force

Dir: Charles Nizet Star: Richard Harrison, Bo Gritz, Peter Gold, Keiri Smith Sing me no song, read me no rhyme Don’t waste my time, show me! Don’t talk of June, don’t talk of fall Don’t talk at all, show me! Ah, the wisdom of Alan Jay Lerner, who may well have been talking about this […]