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What is on this site is only a fraction of the articles that have been published in Trash City over the years. Most of these issues are now out of print, but you can order the ones that remain. Each edition is 100 odd pages of concentrated pop culture, in easy-to-swallow, capsule form...

Various payment methods are accepted:

  • Sterling cheque (payable to Jim McLennan)
  • US dollar check (payable to Trash City)
  • cash (US dollars or sterling only)
    Once you have your order, send it, together with the appropriate amount and your name and address, to:
    PO Box 13653
    AZ 85267

    If you want, stick your email address in there too, and I'll drop you a line to confirm safe receipt of your order.

    Also accepted:

  • Paypal, to
  • Credit cards: Visa/Mastercard/Discover - email, and we'll rapidly sort you out.

    The issues currently available are:
    Number 16/17
    David Alton, Ren & Stimpy, Live-action role-playing, Rutger HAuer, conspiracies, The Simpsons, The Phonetics of Luxury Cars, against Disney, Tiny Toon Adventures, strip clubs, porn mags, fiction, anime, movie, book and 'zine reviews.

    Number 18/19 -- Sold Out! Sorry!
    Customs & Excise, conspiracies, against 'Empire', blokemags, the 'Mr.Vampire' movies, against 'The X-Files', Faerie Tale Theater, Alex Winter, the TC diet, in defence of 'Showgirls', Roni Raye, strip clubs, sex phone lines, fake celebrity porn, anime, movie, book and 'zine reviews.

    Number 20/21
    Customs & Excise, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, against Xmas, trespassing, UFO mags, Michael Flatley, Tromeo + Juliet, America, Spawn, Diana, against Aardman, fun in casualty departments, Xena: Warrior Princess, the art of Japanese XXX videos, the London Film festival, anime, movie, book, strip club and 'zine reviews.

    Number 22 [We got fed up calling them "double" issues!]
    Florida, work and how to avoid it, action heroines, D.F.Lewis, women's wrestling, banned videos, Quebec, Nastassja Kinski, UFO movies, Jail Babes, guns, fantasy clubs, Hello Kitty, jai-alai, Bond films, Nick Carter, Paul Rapovski, Hong Kong comedies, Hamburg, black science, suicides, junk food, and more!

    Number 23
    Beltane, Budapest, Duran Duran and David Icke, Ghostwatch, The Bare Wench Project, driving superheroes, more action heroines, Hello Kitty goes to the movies, Denise Richards, monster wrestling, Los Angeles, the real warrior princesses, fetish clubs, cult suicide, Switzerland, Twinkies, women-in-prison films, Tom & Jerry vs. the Nazis, and avoiding work through illness.

    The following table lists the costs (each issue if the same, be they labelled single or double - they're all similarly sized) and include postage to the relevant destination

    Destination Magazine
    Britain/Europe 5 or US$7 10
    America US$5 US$12
    Japan/Australia 6 or US$8 11 or US$15

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