"Soon, the whole world will know my name..."

Almost five years since the last significant, large-scale update on the site. I must confess, it hasn't been getting the attention it deserves, as since 2005, most of my energies have gone to AZ SnakePit, my site about the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yeah: a British guy writing about baseball. Go figure. But it is finally beginning to saw some rewards: this year, I'll make more money off that site, than I have in the eleven years this one has been running. Which would admittedly be close to zero, Bob.

Since the last report, I have duly passed on my British strip-club reporting duties, to Undressed to Kill, where it's more of a bulletin-board and forum than a one-man show. Though I only pop in when the mod there has a tech issue: doesn't seem much point these days! Obviously, that resulted in a huge hit on on our site visitors, once Google caught on, as I think that section was responsible for the majority of our visitors. We had almost half a million in 2006; if we get more than 100,000 this year, I'll be impressed, though I am also going to do some SEO work to get more people finding out about the site.

However, I figured it was time for a switch-up and a new look: this all started when I generated the mutant version of the Sin City poster that adorns the home page. That looked much better on a black background, so I had to change the font colors, and before long, I was plunging deep into the use of CSS, and spiffy links that change colour when you hover over them. [Sheesh, I've clearly been in the US too long - out of habit, I spelt it "color" initially...] I also decided to use CSS on the Film Blitz reviews which was an "interesting" experience, shall we say, trying to batter those into a state of compliance. It didn't help when some over-enthusiastic use of a batch tool deleted all but the last review from any piece with two or more films in it. How I laughed. Just as soon as I finished kicking the dogs. Still, it all took less than 48 hours to complete: amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

There has been other work going on behind the scenes. I have actually been working on getting the old issues of TC onto the web. I've done TC22, and am working on TC23 and TC20: I want to have all those done before I post them, as it seems a bit crap to have just one issue. The ongoing hacking of reviews into a pretty format also continues sporadically, and might get finished early next year. The Top 50 Films revision has stalled, since Chris wants to watch the next one - Die Hard - with me, and we just haven't been able to clear the decks of late. Thanksgiving is a nice four-day weekend, so that might be a good chance.

Otherwise, more of the same seems likely: I have a bit more spare time now the baseball season is over until spring. I'll have to try and get the rest of the site tidied up, but that would mostly be the sections that haven't changed much, there's no hurry on those. Please drop me a line if you find anything that's broken, and do keep popping back for regular sporadic updates...

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