If proof were needed that some sort of Higher Intelligence operates in this universe, these ten selected women are it. For to ascribe their existence to mere random swirlings in the gene pool is simply beyond rational belief. These angels are capable of lighting up the screen whenever they appear, regardless of the quality of the movie -- and some of them have been in some VERY poor stuff.

Acting ability, personality or charity work are secondary. The main significant measurement is how cute I think they are, and as such, no debate will be entered into on inclusions, omissions, or places. Actresses are assumed to be frozen in time at the moment of their greatest beauty, making this a comparison of peak pulchritude (look it up!) rather than their status now [Audrey Hepburn doesn't have MUCH appeal in her current form!] This list is liable to whimsical change, as and when my tastes change or new goddesses arise...

The Trash City Hall of Fame

  1. Nastassja Kinski
  2. Emmanuelle Beart
  3. Audrey Hepburn
  4. Phoebe Cates
  5. Brooke Shields
  6. Mathilda May
  7. Denise Richards
  8. Hudson Leick
  9. Charlotte Lewis
  10. Maggie Cheung
Storming into the chart at number seven comes fabulous babette, Denise Richards; Jenny Agutter sadly slides out of the chart for the moment, but will forever have a place in heart for her red flannel petticoats.

and the rest, in alphabetical order, but all highly placed in the Human Race -- nominations are welcome for this section!

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