Trash City: the story so far...

The printed edition of Trash City began in 1989, and ran for twenty (physical) issues, with the final one appearing in October 2000, shortly before my relocation to Arizona. Join us, as we revisit the golden era of fanzine production, from an era before the Internet, when getting your message to the masses meant using the office photocopier and flogging your wares face-to-face at film festivals...

Anyhow: it is a slow and tedious process to convert the printed word into nifty Hypertext Markup Language: I can usually do about one article before getting bored with the whole idea and drifting off to do something more interesting. So, for the moment, only three issues are available, but more will follow. Eventually.

Trash City 0 Trash City 1 Trash City 2 Trash City 3 Trash City 4
Trash City 5 Trash City 6 Trash City 7 Trash City 8 Trash City 9
Trash City 10 Trash City 11 Trash City 12 Trash City 13 Trash City 14-15
Trash City 16-17
Trash City 18-19
Trash City 20-21
Trash City 22
Trash City 23

Note: any typos spotted have been corrected, changes made to reflect the Internet [where the concept of 'next page' doesn't really work], and a few pics have been added or moved, to break up the text a bit more. However, the content has otherwise remained unaltered, and as the contents of these publications date from a long time ago, any names, addresses, URLs or other information included in them may well no longer be accurate. No responsibility whatsoever can be accepted for any loss, damage or embarrassment caused by acting on the data herein. Large chunks of this are probably not safe for work either. And I may well also have changed my opinions, so those shouldn't be relied upon. Basically, don't believe a word of what you read here. So there.

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