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Customary Practice

Trash TV #1

Against Xmas

Forgive us our trespasses

Pre-millennial journalism

Incredibly Bad Dance Show


In the lap of the god(des)s


Spawn of Spawn

Bye, bye, Di

Run! It’s DFL!

Against Aardman

A floor-covering writes...


An advert for beads


Anime 'Zines


Anime Blitz


Weird News



A stitch in time

Trash TV #2


Film Blitz

Cover versions

Undressed to Kill

Cannes, it ain’t

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Welcome to Trash City,
Issues 20 and 21

At left is a schematic diagram which will either guide you through the next 100-odd pages or, more likely, confuse you utterly. It’s a test. A test, designed to emotional response.
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Jim McLennan
34 Perran Rd
London, SW2 3DL
Tulse Hill

  Chris Fata
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AZ 85252, USA

Subscriptions. In the UK, you pay £4 for two issues; Europe £5; £6 elsewhere. You can sign up for more than that: work the cost out yourself. Subscribers get additional "stuff". North America is different (as anyone who’s been there will know) – your best bet there is to speak to Chris.

Back issues are also available, albeit in rapidly shrinking quantities. Specifically, TC16/17 and 18/19, both of which contain a similar mix of weirdness. £2.50 each in the UK, £3 in Europe, £3.50 worldwide. Again, US/Canada – see Chris. I’ll happily take payments in dollars in cash from overseas people – I can always use ‘em to buy lap-dances, wrestling tapes or anime. Double the sterling cost to get the dollar price i.e. £2 = $4.


Texts: Jim McLennan, Des Lewis, Lino, John Spencer, Andy Collins, "Max Renn", SH. Front cover: Rik Rawling. Back cover: Trevor Brown. Layout: Jim McLennan, John Spencer. Printing was, as usual, by the ever-reliable Juma, 44 Wellington Street, Sheffield, S1 4HD.

Next issue

Probably by the turn of the millenium - assuming Nostradamus wasn’t right. Contents are as yet sketchy, but will probably include Hong Kong, all 18 Bond movies, female action heroines, and the delights of watching small Japanese girls getting the shit kicked out of them -- which after the past couple of years, probably counts as some sort of therapy. [Bitter, moi? Yep.] Maybe also the long-planned "Best of TC" if time permits? We’ll see...

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