Trash City's Favourite 50 Flicks: 1999 version

Looking for the current top 50?

Seeing as it's the end of the Millennium -- okay, technically it's not, but that isn't going to stop anyone, least of all me, from getting drunk. And actually, this top 50 project dates back to May 1993, when I drew up the first one: every couple of years, I blow the dust off it for an update, and this time, what with the Y2K thing, it seemed appropriate to foist my opinions on the Web-going public. But there are a few things I'd better make clear from the get-go.

  • Not best 50, favourite. In many cases, it'd be futile to even try and claim them as great art. But they are all films I love, for one reason or another. This means I brook absolutely no argument, though you are more than welcome to try and convince me that 'Schindler's List' or 'Pulp Fiction' are the greatest movies of all time -- I like a good laugh.

  • The ratings given to the films may not always reflect their current positions, as some reviews (about two-thirds of them) are new, and others old. In addition, some movies only made it after multiple viewings: an exceptional case would be 'Heathers', which I failed spectacularly to "get" first time, but is now a favourite. But in most cases, I don't go back and revise reviews, no matter how much I revise my opinion.

  • Entries marked "#" have been restricted to one from a series: thus, only one for Mad Max, and one for all the Bond movies. For some, the reviews cover all the entries, in others they concentrate on just one and in some, where one film stands out, the rest are ignored. Consistent? Hell, no!

    And without further ado, here we go...

    1. Videodrome
    2. Blade Runner
    3. Miracle Mile
    4. Cat People [1982]
    5. Leon
    6. Heathers
    7. The Railway Children
    8. The Fourth Man
    9. Ms45 - Angel of Vengeance
    10. The Thing [1982]
    11. Passion Flower Hotel
    12. Aliens
    13. Date with an Angel
    14. Dangerous Liaisons
    15. The Hitcher
    16. Manon des Sources + Jean de Florette
    17. Basic Instinct
    18. The Hudsucker Proxy
    19. Die Hard
    20. Re-Animator
    21. Laputa: Castle in the Sky
    22. The Hidden
    23. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave #
    24. God of Gamblers
    25. Wings of Honneamise
    26. Heroic Trio
    27. Falling Down
    28. The Fly [1986]
    29. A Better Tomorrow 1-3 #
    30. Aguirre, Wrath of God
    31. Goldfinger #
    32. Flying Dagger
    33. Gremlins #
    34. Saviour of the Soul
    35. Starship Troopers
    36. Tremors
    37. In the Line of Duty 3 #
    38. My Neighbour Totoro
    39. Edge of Sanity
    40. Mad Max 1-3 #
    41. City Hunter
    42. Demolition Man
    43. Braveheart
    44. Tess
    45. Suspiria
    46. Wild Things
    47. Orphee
    48. M.Butterfly
    49. The Evil Dead 1-3 #
    50. Licence to Steal

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